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Audovia – Database application for making music using JFugue MusicStrings


Make music on your Linux Ubuntu laptop or PC with Audovia. Songs can have up to 15 instrumental voices and a percussion track with instruments chosen from either the default soundbank of 128 instruments or other soundbanks of your choice.

Songs can be developed, tested and edited very quickly and easily by virtue of the database structure and the JFugue MusicString notation. Notes within a MusicString are specified by their name and octave or by their MIDI value and their durations are specified either by character code, or numerically. You can use notes from C0 to G10, corresponding to MIDI values 0 to 127. Middle C is C5.

Within the application, use File/Template to create a song, then File/Tree View and expand the nodes. Select each bar in turn and enter the notes. Select "Song" and press Play to play back your music and then, from the File menu, export to MIDI, MusicXML or WAV for music processing or publishing.


  • Song backup and restore via XML
  • Shared database support for MySQL
  • JFugue extension for string constants
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Windows version requires Java from

Download This software by Direct Link : click to download This Version only works for Windows OS.

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