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biblatex-gost – Biblatex support for GOST bibliography style

Biblatex style to format bibliography according to Russian standard GOST 7.0.5-2008

FFactLite1.0 – Screenshots

FFact Lite es un sistema escrito en Lazarus y con base de datos en sqlite, el sistema está pensado para autónomos y pymes que requieran algo especifico para el control de ventas. Características: – Gestión de usuarios – Catalogo de clientes – Catalogo de productos – Agrupación de productos por familias – Reporte de ventas […]

envan – Free IT inventory script.

Bu proje artık geliştirilmiyor This project is not under active development. [English] Free inventory script for IT departments that can scan network or single machine, authorize users. [Türkçe] Ağ tarayan, makine tarayan, kullanıcı yetkilendirebilen Bilgi-işlem departmanları için özgür envanter uygulaması

MountainMeadowMedicalRecordEHR – EMR EHR for small offices

This Electronic Medical Record is quick, reliable and customizable. Microsoft .NET client programs connect to a Microsoft SQL Server. Join us to see how our EHR works or to help develop it more fully.

LyX-TheDocumentProcessor – Description

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG).

Clicker – CLICKER, auto mouse clicker and keyboard writer. Remote mouse and keys

۱٫ Invoking mouse clicks (single, double, clicks the right mouse button, …) 2. Invoking keyboard keys, calling the various configurations of keys, such as CTRL + SHIFT + … or, copy to clipboard 3. Operation/action in a single cycle can be run periodically, alternately and randomly, it is possible to use conditional statements 4. Run […]

Evaristo – Screenshots

Evaristo is an ERP solution written in Java (2 tier), though only avaialable in Portuguese, since version 4 is fully internationalizable. It requires a PostgreSQL database in order to store the data.

Waterloo – Java-based scientific graphics

Java-based scientific graphics with support for Java, Groovy, MATLAB, Python, the R statistical environment, Scala and SciLab.

Track+IssueTracker – Screenshots

Online project management and issue tracking with team collaboration, custom fields and forms, JasperReport reporting, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, time tracking, task change history, multiple attachments, Gantt graphs.

HarmoniSearchEngineApplication – Harmoni is search engine application written with Python

Harmoni is search engine application written with Python. Harmoni search engine is not only focused on the searching the files, but also focused on searching any keywords on document files. Harmoni is easy to use application, and it can find any keywords fast. Harmoni has simple interface in “home”. User can search any string on […]

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