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XRNS-PHP – Screenshots

XRNS-PHP (was) a collection of command-line scripts for Renoise – is contemporary music composition tool with XML-based file formats; making it possible to develop PHP scripts for various areas of interest.

LiverSegm – Description

LiverSegm has been developed with the processing of liver images in mind. This software implements a level set based variational approach that incorporates shape priors and appearance models. It uses ITK Snap as interface.

XMPZXTUNE – XMPlay plugin based on ZXTune library

This plugin adds a support for chiptune tracker formats to XMPlay. Supported extensions (not formats): $b, $m, as0, asc, ay, ayc, bin, cc3, chi, cop, dmm, dsq, dst, esv, fdi, ftc, gam, gamplus, gtr, hrm, hrp, lzs, m, msp, mtc, p, pcd, psc, psg, psm, pt1, pt2, pt3, s, scl, sid, sqd, sqt, st1, st3, […]

DB2RDF – Screenshots

DB2RDF is a a software tool that will convert data from relational data model to semantic data model (in the form of RDF and RDFS). A SPARQL endpoint for querying the converted data. For querying the semantic data, SPARQL query language is used.

AutomaticReportGenerator – Generate reports from Java applications directly.

Generally, what we do when we need a piece of data represented in a structured file, is to execute a query from a DB client, and then export the obtained data after choosing the extension of the output file. What if this functionality is to be exploited in an (Java) application, independently from the DB […]

MuvidVideoConverter – A simple video converter.

A simple video converter based on the ffmpeg project.

Quick_Scan – A Quick Scan Tool

This application provides a simple GUI window with basic functions needed while scanning. This app works on TWAIN bases scanners… Final version

ZoomAccounts – Accounting and CRM components for Delphi

Zoom Accounts is a set of Delphi components and Application Templates intended for creation of integrated accounting and CRM systems for medium and larger size enterprises. – Multi user and multi company Features – Core accounting modules to produce your monthly or other periodic Management Accounts and reports. – SQL database provides error free data […]

FFPlayGUI – Graphical User Interface for FFPlay

Este proyecto pretente proporcionar una interfáz gráfica para el reproductor FFPlay que es parte del proyecto FFMpeg. Bajo la lógica de crear un control ActiveX que contenga todo el código necesario para manipular gráficamente a FFPlay, asimismo proporcionará información acerca de los archivos multimedia. Para cumplir su objetivo, este proyecto utiliza APIs de Windows, disponibles […]

Etherwatch – Screenshots

Etherwatch monitors Ethernet traffic, looking for images, and Google™ search terms, and displays these on screen in a mosaic format. It's a cool way to see what's going on over your network.

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