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ConstellioEnterpriseSearchengine – Open source Search Engine and Enterprise Search

Constellio is an enterprise search engine that allows companies to search all their organization's information through a single interface (Web, CRM, ERP, ECM, Mail etc.). Constellio is Based on Apache Solr and Google Search Appliance's connector. Constellio has a powerful web crawler.

Ebba – Description

EBBA is a project aiming to develop an advanced chatbot by combining AIML, 3d facial expressions, speech synthesizer, speech recognition and an iq-test solving functionality.

VirtueMart – Screenshots

VirtueMart is an Open Source eCommerce Solution for Joomla! The other carts claim to be easy to use. VirtueMart is not only as easy to use as Joomla!, but it was easy to install and looks very easy to comprehend and maintain.

odf-converter-integrator – Description

odf-converter-integrator is an easy way to open Microsoft Office 2007 files (also called Office Open XML, .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) with a high-quality conversion on any Linux or Windows system in any

ffqlay – Screenshots

FFqlay is a media playback library based on FFmpeg which provides a set of API functions. By using FFqlay, you can develop your media player which supports all codecs in FFmpeg easily. A C# sample program is included in FFqlay project.

Web-basedBusinessAccountingandERP – Screenshots

Web-based Business Accounting and ERP solution incorporating Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchase and Sales ordering, Inventory Control, Material Resource Planning, Fixed Asset Register and Petty cash.

Washtub-TheLiquidsoapController – Description

Washtub is a web-based controller for the Liquidsoap streaming media language. It allows graphical management of distributed liquidsoap daemons. Use it for controlling playlists, request queues and managing media collections.

PCPlus-DOSBoxLauncher – A simple Windows tool depending on DOSBox to execute PCPlus with

This tool is made to help users of PCPlus, a ancient dos program, to continue their business on Windows 7,8 and 10. The tool simply manipulates with the DOSBox configuration file, by mapping drives and the execute the PCPlus program. The users of PCPlus must own their own PCPlus files and licenses. This project does […]

MyOCR – Start Your Own Captcha Solving Business Portal

Captcha Solutions OCR Captcha Solver Reseller Website to Start Your Own Captcha Solving Business Portal

TVShowRenamer – TVShowRenamer is a powerful media downloader, renamer and organiser

TVShowRenamer is a powerful application designed with ease of use in mind. Simply choose your TV shows and your done. TVShowRenamer will automatically download, rename and move files into place ready to watch on your media center. Or use the built in episode maganement to find and play your favourite episodes. TVShowRenamer recognises the following […]

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