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JaLingo – Screenshots

JaLingo is a free cross-platform dictionary application. Features: list of words, while-typing search (like ABBYY Lingvo), spelling suggestion, history, HTML export. Supports 4 formats: DSL, Mova, Sdictionary and phpMyLingvo/PtkDict MySQL dumps

YoutubetoMP3&MP4 – Convert all your Youtube videos to MP3 or/and MP4 files!

This very small, simple and light software, help you to save Youtube and many others videos websites, like Daylimotion, to MP3 or MP4 files. Just click on the install file and you will see (very quickly) two icons on your desktop. In fact, the software create 2 shortcuts on your desktop. One for MP3 conversions […]

Smasher – Screenshots

Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to create sliced loops from WAV, MP3, FLAC or AIFF files in seconds without a sequencer. Effects include filter sweeps, phasing, flanging, delay, and distortion.

Brim – Screenshots

BRIM is a MVC framework, written in PHP and based on items with a hierarchical relationship. The list of plugins make BRIM a Information Manager with plugins like bookmarks, a calendar, contacts tasks, notes, RSS etc. The application is multilingual.

Xical – Description

Xical – a Flash/Actionscript based Rich Media Framework/Player with extensive caching mechanisims to provide suitable low-bandwidth use via the web; OS: any that runs the Macromedia Flash Player or Plugin Version 6 (Xical (0.1)) or 7 (Xical 2).

LucidDB – Description

LucidDB is a DBMS optimized for business intelligence. Besides architectural innovations such as column-store, it supports many advanced features from SQL:2003, including SQL/MED and user-defined transformations written in Java.

GeoMondrian – Screenshots

GeoMondrian is a "spatially-enabled" version of Mondrian. GeoMondrian brings to the Mondrian OLAP server what PostGIS brings to the PostgreSQL DBMS, i.e. a consistent and powerful support for geospatial data. It also provides geo-extensions to MDX.

ExcelHTMLEditorTag – Screenshots

You want to render an Excel file inside web browsers and allow users to edit information in cells… Workbook Tag has been designed to simplify this scenario. MSOffice is not required ! Ajax interact with server (Excel, Editor, Tag, HTML Converter, JSP)

DoverGadgetDrawerSE – Screenshots

۳۰ modules, 300+ Synthedit prefabs ranging from subcontrol circuits to synths, fsu effects, drum sequencers, near complete copy/paste/save/load system for xox style patterns. 2 complete vst effects, and one vst synth.

EZ-Shop(OpenSourcee-Commercesite) – Simple to use ecommerce platform

Easy to use entry level e-Commerce system. Small, light fast and quite feature rich.

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