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IndasyPointofSale – Indasy Point Of Sale (POS)

Indasy Point of Sale (POS) User Name: Admin Password: Admin Indasy POS usefull for following clients ۱٫ Computer Hardware ( Shops, Dealers and Whole Salers ) 2. Home Appliances ( Small, Meduim and Large Shops and Dealers ) Advantages and Functionalities of Indasy POS Software Indasy POS software is best for small, medium and large […]

EplSiteETL – ETL Based on Perl With WEB Interface

EplSite ETL is a tool to do easy the data migrations, doing extraction, transformation, validation and load in a very fast way. It was built by people involved in data migrations so, it contains the necessary to do the migration(Extract Transformation, validation and load) and do it well.

EnterpriseEnergyManagement – Description

Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) is an open source platform built to support energy management and electric power production supplied by renewable sources.

PopcornTimePlus – Skip Download! Enjoy With Latest Movies & TV Shows instantly.

Watching movies with your family or friends is a great way to unwind after a hard day at work, so you should do on a regular basis. While there are many applications that can help you improve the quality of the time you spend together, Popcorn Time Plus is a special one since it provides […]

EBView – Description

EBView is a CD-ROM book viewer based on GTK, mainly for viewing English dictionaries.

CanteenCalandreta – Tool to manage canteen, nursery and events registrations of a school.

This software, developed by the Muret's Calandreta allow to manage canteen and nursery registrations of children of a school (for instance, a Calandreta, bilingual school in Occitania in the South of France). The daily order is send by mail with the number of meals with and without pork for children and teachers. Then, it allow […]

PSPRadio – Description

Online Streaming Music Client for the Sony PSP Console

PHPXMLTV – Description

XMLTV alternative. You can lauch from commandline this application (written in PHP5) to grab tv guide from various web sites. This version support italian tv grabber only. As an alternative to the good-old tv_grab_it. Extensible to other grabbers.

BTHEBookStore – Book store E-commerce implemented in Java/Servlets using MVC

Electronic book store implemented in Java/Servlets and eHTML* using the Model–view–controller (MVC) software architectural pattern. eHTML is a simple yet powerful scripting language for the UI which is implemented as part of the project. It makes the UI highly customizable. In development mode all the objects and variables that can be accessed from the eHTML […]

OpenTVMS – Screenshots

To create, as a community, the leading international TV automation/playout system that will run on Windows® OS and provide access to all functionality and data through extensible infrastructure.

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