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ComputationalRoughPaths – Screenshots

CoRoPa stands for Computational Rough Paths. The aim of CoRoPa is to provide a software framework for various ideas related to Rough Path Theory, including rough differential equations and the digital description of serial data streams.

CatchUpPodcastReciever – Screenshots

CatchUp is a simple, platform independent podcast client written in Java. It features an automatic cleanup of old files and an optional automatic volume adjustment using MP3Gain ( Java SE 1.6.0 or higher required.

OpeniaCRMvirtualappliance-Openbravo – Community CRM module for Openbravo with mobile support

OpeniaCRM is a module for Openbravo ERP released under community license. The module aims to cover the basic CRM functionalities like activities (call, meeting, task), lead, opportunities, cases and documents handling. It includes also a interactive calendar and a "Fast Lookup" HTML5 interface browsable from smartphones and tablets. Version 1.0.72 is available! Includes: – New […]

Audovia – Database application for making music using JFugue MusicStrings

Make music on your Linux Ubuntu laptop or PC with Audovia. Songs can have up to 15 instrumental voices and a percussion track with instruments chosen from either the default soundbank of 128 instruments or other soundbanks of your choice. Songs can be developed, tested and edited very quickly and easily by virtue of the […]

rspgain – Description

Win32 dll to normalize wav pcm files using very well known replaygain algorithm, it can be used as the first pass prior to mp3 encode, notice that BENormalize that is available in the project gives a lot better results than ReplayGain, give it a try

MercUsaSoftwareMercatino – MercUsa è un software per mercatini e negozi dell'usato

MercUsa aiuta le attività che svolgono compra vendita di usato, a svolgere i propri compiti senza preoccupazioni. È un gestionale web per il settore dell'usato, specializzato per attività di questo tipo e con una concezione innovativa di gestione delle pratiche. MercUsa gestisce in perfetta autonomia: carico merce (conto vendita o conto proprio), vendita di cassa, […]

MaiaPOS – MaiaPOS es una terminal punto de venta enfocada en el mercado mexicano

Maia POS es una terminal punto de venta basada en Openbravo POS. Entre sus características son: Idioma Español y moneda mexicana por defecto. adicionalmente se le hicieron mejoras al código para mejorar la gestión de la base de datos, se le añaden bibliotecas de java para mejorar el soporte de nuevas impresoras de tickets, lectores […]

harpy – Screenshots

Splits and converts your MIDI files to tablatures or sheet music for a wide range of diatonic harmonicas.

HejirTypeTool – Hejir,Kurdish Font,Font,Kurd,Kurdistan

یەکەمین پرۆگرامی نووسینی کوردی لە پرۆگرامە تایبەتەکاندا. بەشێک لە تایبەتمەندیەکانی کوردی نووسی «هەژیر»: هەبوونی زیاتر لە ۸۰ فۆنتی کوردی/فارسی/عەرەبی، ۳ شێوازی کیبۆرد (Keyboard Layout) بۆ نووسینی کوردی (کیبۆرد رۆژهەڵاتی کوردستان، کیبۆردی ALI-K و کیبۆردی QWERTY ناسراو بە کیبۆردی Unikurd) ڕێنمایی شێوەی چنینی پیتەکان لەسەر کیبۆرد (Keyboard Layout) ، بۆ زانیاری زیاتر پەیوەندی بکەن بە ژمارەی […]

XBoxMidiPad – Screenshots

A program for windows, which turns your XBOX/XBOX360 USB controller into a MIDI controller, sending Control Change messages and/or Note messages.

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